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The Ironfist
We, the Ironfist, fight to reclaim the strength and renown of the Dwarves of Middle-Earth. To become a larger part in the struggle against evil and those who oppose us.

The Rebirth of the Dwarves is upon us, brothers, and you shall arm yourself and fight for our cause and die for what is just in the name of the Ironfist Clan. To destroy the obstacles presented to you and surpass the expectations of men and elves alike. To reach glory and the very pinnacle of power we were meant to hold. We shall restore the Empire of the Dwarves through our sheer might and steadfast resolution.


We are an imperialistic and growing Dwarf clan, similar to that of the Longbeards or Dourhand clans. We currently accept only Dwarves, generally, or other races on a special case-by-case basis.

In our early stages, we're currently building membership and spreading the word of our upcoming, however in our later days, we hope to stake claim to lands and rule our clan like a nation of Middle-Earth, full with the various duties and ranks assigned to our members.

We have a place for all playstyles, whether you be a mighty warrior or a simple traveler.